The Cobra Kai Girls Lacrosse team is the epicenter of youth lacrosse in Rockland county. The Club fields teams K-12 for regional and national tournaments and provides year round playing opportunities and training.

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All parents have a role in the success of the Cobra Kai. Please follow the guide below to ensure proper coverage and a smooth operation. 3rd - 9th grade teams travel with around 190-225 people on average. 


Fundraising efforts will cover the expense of Sandwiches and/or main course of most formal tailgates this season. We will be having the "Cobra Kai Rodeo", fully catered southern BBQ at the Murphy Cup Tournament in Yorktown in June. A nominal fee per family will apply. We are also going to try to Grill....(somewhere)- on this tailgate our needs will change/adjust and a specific list will be sent.


3/4 team

Doherty -- Cooler with water /ice
Mahon -- Plates ,napkins, Table ware, serving spoons, garbage bags
Trubiano --  Heathy snacks/fruit
Mohel -- Cooler with water /ice
Ullman-- Cooler with water/ice
Zangrilli - Tables
DeBellis - Tables
Siegelman - Salad maker
Goodman - Salad maker
Ameri - bagels and spreads
Shulman - desserts
Stevens - Tables
Cole - desserts
Boice - cooler with water/ice   
pope - Heathy snacks   
Conklin - Fruit /healthy snacks
Castillo - Tables/ garbage bags
Wechman - salad maker
Hendlin - salad maker
Ruggiero - cooler with water/ice
Mohel - desserts
Schelling, Rich - head grounds keeper and 70 water bottles and 20 lbs ice / video camera man
Schelling, Rob - 200 munchkins
Scholl - Tables/ desert
Wetzel - Cooler with drinks
Fortunato - salad maker
Goldstein - Cooler with gatorade
Hafter - fruit cut up
DaCosta - Cooler with water/ice
Fleischmann - Cooler with water /ice
Burns - Tailgate boss/ health snacks
Zangrilli Cooler with water/ice
Casarella - Salad maker
Velardi - Tables and benches/video camera
Windwer - salad maker
Tarantino - deserts
Ameri - cooler with gatorade
Spiegel - plates, napkins,tableware/serving spoons
Flanagan - Cooler with asst drinks
Cama - tables
Schelling - More water and ice
Kreider - Plates and cutlery,napkins,serving utensils and garbage bags
O'Brien - snacks/ travel coordinator
Linehan - deserts
Renna - Cooler with drinks
Harris - chocalate chip cookies
Leale  - Snacks
Carroll  - cooler with drinks
Mariani - desserts
Pope - healthy snacks
Ludwig - tables
Tsahalis - asst drinks
Owens - Cooler with water/gatorade
Manning - cookies









Old list -- 

Coach Hall - will coordinate with the Deli and arrange for the Sandwiches.

Gragnani -- Cooler with drinks & campsite construction

Ullman -- Camera and video production 7/8 & campsite construction - wildlife control

Velardi-- Camera and video production 5/6 & campsite construction, table

Rich Schelling - Head Grounds Keeper in charge of line maintenance & Cooler,ice & 70 water bottles

Weiss-- Music, entertainment and sound systems & campsite contruction

Park -- Uniform manager & team apparel

Silver - Salad maker

Wechman - Snacks

Windwer - Salad maker

Dacosta - Cooler , ice & 70 water bottles

Krebs - Salad maker

Burns - Tailgate Coordinator - Fruit/Healthy snacks 

Cama - Tables & Campsite construction

Castillo - Tables & Social media

McCarren - Cooler, ice & 70 water bottles

O'Brien - Travel Coordinator & snacks

Johnson - Desserts

Spiegel - Plates and cutlery,napkins,serving utensils and garbage bags

Bishoff - Cooler,ice with asst. drinks/sodas..not water

Ford and Hofving - Deserts/snacks

Flannigan- Cooler with water/ice

Mariani - Chips

Moretto - snacks/dessert

Cavallo- Snacks

Bethon - Snacks and Water

Krieder - Plates and cutlery,napkins,serving utensils and garbage bags

Wetzel - Cooler with drinks

Hendlin - Salad Maker

Bower- Asst.Fruit

Conklin - Fruit

Hafter - Fruit

Casserella - Cooler with drinks

Goldstien - Healthy snacks

McNally - Dessert

Zangrilli - Cooler with drinks

Moran- Snacks

Sayre - Dessert

Tsahalis - Snacks

Flanagan - Cooler with drinks

Fino - Snacks

Toomey - Desert

3/4 team

Trubiano - snacks /deserts

Mahon - Plates and cutlery,napkins,serving utensils and garbage bags

Ruggiero - cooler with water/ice

Schelling - campsite construction,cooler with water /ice

Ullman- Camera and video production

Fortunato -campsite construction,salad maker

Terlizzi - salad maker

Zangrilli - cooler with water /ice

Scholl - Dessert/snacks -- table

Siegelman - table

Mandel - snacks/dessert

Heraghty - snacks dessert

Waller - snacks/dessert

Mohel - table, campsite construction

Mitchell - team gear

Shulman - snacks - deserts

Ameri - Medical assistance/icepacks

Anders - Table

Debellis - Cooler with drinks

Epstien - Fruit/Healthy snacks

Goodman (Hopi ct) - Cooler with drinks

Goodman (Coe farm) -Fruit/Healthy snacks

Hirsh - Salad maker

Levin - Cooler with water bottles

Mandel -Healty snacks/fruit

McCarren -  will coordinate with the Deli and arrange for the Sandwiches for the 3/4 when playing seperate

Rodriques -  Plates and cutlery,napkins,serving utensils and garbage bags

Zangrilli - Cooler with drinks, campsite construction

*If your name does not appear on this list contact Coach Drab and we can assign you a job.