The Cobra Kai Girls Lacrosse team is the epicenter of youth lacrosse in Rockland county. The Club fields teams K-12 for regional and national tournaments and provides year round playing opportunities and training.

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2021' Windwer heading to Snow Country! Commits to Vermont!!!
by posted 12/09/2019


Erin Windwer 2021’ Goalie - has committed to the University of Vermont.

Erin is a fully committed -“founding” member of the Cobra Kai. She is poised in goal and is a strong communicator to the defense in front of her. She’s not afraid to challenge for 50/50 balls outside of her crease, and her clearing game enables the Cobras to excel in fast break scenarios. Windwer was a huge reason why Team 21’ finished an incredibly daunting schedule in the fall of 2017 with a “Perfect” record that propelled the Cobras into the National Top 25 spotlight. Erin is constantly “robbing” opposing shooters left and right, she’s an outstanding shot stopper and is likely the best clearing goalie on the National circuit in her age bracket. A student of the game, Windwer has been trained by Coach Ginny Capicchioni, and is a member of the Goal Guardians training program since 6th grade when Cobra Kai coaching staff noticed her incredibly fast hands and sent her home from practice with a set of goalie gear. This is the 5th player taken from the talented Cobra Kai 2021’ team recruited to a D-1 college program to play lacrosse at the next level. There’s little doubt that Windwer will be called on early by Coach Sarah Graddock to lock the goal down at Virtue Field for years to come and keep the “Catamounts” in the mix come playoff time.

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Christmas comes early! - Castillo commits to Binghamton!
by posted 12/06/2019


Junior Defender Gabby Castillo (2021’) - has announced that she has committed to Binghamton University.

Gabby Castillo, a “founding member” of the Cobra kai, had an excellent fall as Team 21’s defensive leader. Thriving both 1-on-1 or away from the ball, she showed no ‘off’ switch this season, excelling at each event that she attended. Castillo is a technician who flips hers hips and blankets her girl due to excellent footwork, sneaky athleticism and awesome fundamentals. Coaches have raved about her work off-ball as Gabby is constantly calling out slide packages and putting her teammates in the right spots. She is not only someone who can shut down opposing attackers, but can also make things happen in transition. Coach Allen and the “Bearcats” are getting a loyal and fearless soldier for the D-Block that will implement any game plan or instructions to the exact degree as “listening” is one of her top skills. A two sport athlete, Castillo also has a bright future in the game of Volleyball, recently coming off a tremendous season. Gabby is the 4th Cobra on the current 2021’team to be recruited to a D-1 college program to play lacrosse at the next level. She will follow the “pipeline” of Coach Drab’s former World Tour Players to Binghamton -- Lindsey Stephens (16’) and Jessica Gurrieri (17’) and the “Captain”-Alyssa Sanchez (17’). Watch out for the “Cobra Cubana” when she arrives upstate in the Fall of 2021’.


Congratulations from all of us here at Cobra Kai Lacrosse.

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Get your Ferry Pass - 2021' Siverson Commits to Wagner!
by posted 12/03/2019


Katie Siverson (2021’) Midfielder - has recently announced that she has committed to Wagner College.

Siverson does the majority of her damage from the top of 8 meter, showing the total package of explosiveness, shooting ability and the necessary intangibles. She’s a presence who shoots the lights out, but more importantly, makes the players around her better. Siverson is extremely comfortable with the ball in her stick anywhere around the cage, often finishing with flair and “deadly” on the draw circle as the Cobras Top Draw weapon. The All American and Gold medalist Coach Michelle Tumolo is getting a highly effective dodger who will surely fit well into the Seahawks offense thanks to her crafty playmaking ability and off-ball play. Siverson is the 3rd Cobra on the current 2021’team to be recruited to play D1 lacrosse at the next level. Watch out for “Cobra Si” and her “battle-tested” Cobra Kai game when she lands on Staten Island in the Fall of 2021’.

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Cobra 2021' -National Team of the Week on Great performance!
by posted 11/25/2019


The 2021' Cobra Kai team has been named "National Team of the week" by US Club Lacrosse after another amazing performace at IWLCA Presidents Cup in Wellington, Florida. Team 21' has been a on a collision course this Fall playing some of the Top teams in the Country and finding success. Big wins recently over #11 Summit elite CO, #13 Florida Select, #20 TLC red, and #24 Sound Lacrosse has the Cobras right in the mix of it. While some other teams are playing "B" teams out in the distance to manufacture wins and keep the parents on "Auto Pay", the Cobra Kai will always point the girls -win or lose- straight at the Number 1 spot and where the college recruiting happens. We Thank the players and familes for clearing your schedules week after week to battle it out with us Cobra Kai style.


Team 22' is on the Move - 4 Big Wins and a Bracket Championship on the main stage at The Champions Cup this weekend has attracted a lot of eyes to the young Cobras. With a team stacked with talent, these girls showed that they can play with anybody and have the parent support to take it all they way.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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2021' Goldstien goes IVY - UPenn bound!
by posted 09/09/2019


Junior Sydney Goldstein (21’) has recently announced that she has committed to The University of Pennsylvania. Sydney is the 4th “Drab Product” taken by Coach Karin Corbett and the UPenn women’s lacrosse program. Don’t let her size and cute smile fool you, “Syd the Kid” is a feisty and aggressive player with the heart of a lion, completely unafraid of any opponent. Goldstein is a fully committed member of the Cobra Kai –Team 21’while juggling a 3 sport athlete’s schedule. Her great field vision and Non-Stop pursuit of the ball makes her almost impossible to beat! Always in top physical shape, Goldstein excels in the “2 man game”, with non-stop picks, rolls and explosive dodges which gets her to the cage over and over. The ability to use her body to shield the ball inside the 8 meter is game changing and her talent to get a quality shot off has propelled her to be one of the Tri-States hottest prospects. This is the 1st Cobra on the current 2021’team to be recruited to a D-1 college program to play lacrosse at the next level. She will follow down the pipeline of former “Drab Trained standouts” - Bosco (17’), Rosenzweig (16’) and Cheeseman(16’) to Franklin Field. Her work ethic and her internal drive to succeed will “No Doubt” leave her mark with the Quakers starting in the Fall of 2021’. Coach Corbett got herself another great one!

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